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CompostAVL: A Community-Oriented Compost Collection Agency

The rise in local compost collection agencies has made it easier to find local compost companies in a lot of areas. One such area is Asheville, North Carolina. We have made it our mission here at Compost AVL to serve not only the proud and blossoming city of Asheville, but its surrounding areas, including South Asheville, Fairview, Fletcher, and Woodfin. If you live anywhere in or near Asheville, you can stop Googling “compost collection near me.” Our community-oriented compost collection agency will help you compost with ease and convenience. 

Compost with Ease and Convenience

CompostAVL realizes that there can be some barriers to composting, especially in western North Carolina where a larger black bear population thrives. In addition, individuals simply may not have the time, tools, or knowledge in order to compost properly. We make this easy for you, providing a streamlined list of what is compostable and what is not. All we ask is that you put the approved compostable items in the bin we provide for you, and we will come and pick it up, even providing you with fresh bins to negate any odors that may attract nearby bears!

When Looking for Compost Collection Near Me

What to expect when you partner with us?  You will receive a fresh compost bin, and we will continually exchange it. We do the dirty work for you so you can compost without the odor or hassle. We understand our valued customers lead very busy lives, but we also believe that we can provide environmentally friendly services in the midst of this. We will pick up and drop off so that you do not have to go anywhere. The only thing you need to do is put your compost in the bin, and simply leave the rest to us! 

CompostAVL provides a way for you to make a difference right where you are at, and our passionate team will even assist in tracking down your food waste compost creation so that you are made aware of the important difference you are making in your local community. We will let you know what is going on even behind the scenes, keeping you informed every step of the way. When you join CompostAVL, you are not just joining a compost collection agency near you, but you are joining a vital and thriving community. 

Making a Difference with CompostAVL

Community composting is growing across America, and if you are in Asheville, North Carolina or any of its surrounding areas, there is no need to Google “compost collection near me.” Let us do the heavy lifting, picking up and dropping off compost bins at your home. Not only does CompostAVL make composting simple, streamlined, and friendly, but we make a difference in our communities by setting aside a portion of your membership fees as a donation to local schools when you sign up with us today. We are a community-oriented company that believes in increasing the quality of our local environment, raising environmental awareness, as well as joining together as a community to provide change that will benefit generations to come. 

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