Curbside Compost Pickup Services

Meet the Hegges: husband Hans, wife Jessica, daughter Avery, and sons Ivan and Hendrik. The resourceful couple opted to not only make arrangements for their own composting needs, but offer to do all of the heavy lifting for those in our area willing to try a commitment-free monthly membership. “We really wanted to reduce our weekly garbage and do what we can to reduce the strain on our landfills,” said Jessica “We are down to one bag of garbage per week. The rest is either composted or recycled, and that’s a great feeling.” Starting a traditional compost bin comes with its share of challenges; properly building the enclosure, finding space in the yard, keeping critters away, and consistently rotating the soil. But composting can reduce landfill waste by almost 22% (the amount of food waste, as determined by the EPA) and also churn out “brown gold,” in the form of nutrient-rich dirt. A study conducted by Waste360 concluded that 67% of Americans would be willing to compost if it was easier and more convenient. Seeing the need, the Hegges went one step further. Not only will they provide members with critter-proof bins, swap them out twice a month, and handle all of the composting off-site. To learn more, go to, follow them on Facebook at @compostavl, email or call Jessica at 828-202-7403.

Easy Composting with CompostAVL: Receive, Fill, and We'll Handle the Rest

Receive Your Bin

Receive Your Bin

Once you sign up to be part of the community we’ll drop off your compost bin in the same week. You’ll find that your kitchen produces food waste every day. More than you would expect.
Fill You Bin With Food

Fill It With Food Waste

Here’s where things get interesting. We’ll continuously swap out your bin as you fill it with food waste to ensure your home doesn’t smell like a cow field. Who said composting had to be smelly.
Pick and Drop

Pick Up & Drop Off

Don’t worry about a thing. We will do all the heavy lifting from pick up to drop off. Welcome to a new movement of hands-free composting where we do it all from A-to-Z.
Make a Difference

Make a difference!

Our team will help track your food waste compost creation down to the pound. Identify what’s happening behind the scenes and stay informed regarding what kind of difference you’re truly making.

Local Resources for Composting, Recycling, and CSA Memberships in Asheville

Powerful CompostAVL Service Benefits

Using our food waste pick up service gives you more than just fertile compost. Take a look at some of the other benefits that members receive.

No Odor No Smell

No Odor. No Smell

Composting without the smell is like raising cattle without manure. They said it couldn’t be done and yet our customers enjoy every square inch of what we do. By bringing you new bins every service day, we’ve eliminated the odor and smells associated with composting.
We do the Heavy Lifting

We Do The Heavy Lifting

Whether you’re not physically able to do the work, don't have the time, or simply just lack the space, don’t worry. Our team will take care of the heavy lifting by picking up and dropping off your bins exactly where you want them to go.
Door to Door

Door-to-Door Service

Door to door means exactly that we pick up your food waste from your door.

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Joining the CompostAVL community is an adventure waiting to happen. All memberships include compost bin/bins that we pick up twice a month.

Monthly Composting Membership 1 Bin

(4 Gallons)

$ 30 / mo

  • Welcome to our family! This membership includes one bin that will be swapped out for a clean bin twice a month. Also, a portion of membership can be donated to a school or non-profit of your choice!
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Monthly Composting Membership For Families

(2 Bins at 4 Gallons each)

$ 35 / mo

  • Welcome to our family! This membership includes two bins that will be swapped out for clean bins twice a month. Also, a portion of membership can be donated to a school or non-profit of your choice!
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