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CompostAVL: Your Local Compost Drop Off Site in Asheville 

Our premier composting service, CompostAVL, is located in Asheville, North Carolina. We serve the residents of Asheville and the surrounding areas, such as South Asheville, Fairview,  Fletcher, and Woodfin. If you are searching for a compost drop-off site in Asheville, we will be happy to put your compost to good use for you. We can either pick it up or you can drop it off at one of our partner locations, whichever is most convenient and conducive to your schedule. Rest assured that our friendly team will make sure your compost is used in the best way possible.  

How Composting Impacts Your Community 

When we pick up your compost or you visit our compost drop-off sites in Asheville, CompostAVL will use your compost to help benefit the community in several different ways. Specifically,  organic wastes have a lot of energy and resources that can be used to benefit the environment.  These efficient resources may simply be absorbed back into the environment they came from,  completing a natural process of recycling. Different kinds of organisms digest the compost,  reprocessing it and enriching the soil. When you return compost to its natural environment,  whether to a community garden or by giving it to us, the natural cycle is fulfilled.  

Composting Pick Up and Drop Off Services 

Composting can be a smelly business. Furthermore, individuals may not have the time, interest,  or tools to compost. We can either pick up your compost, or you can simply drop it off. If you do not have the time or tools, our team can come to you. We bring our valued members a fresh bin lined with a compostable corn-made bag. We place ours on our counter and never have an issue with smell. We provide fresh bins every time we service your location. Or if you use our drop-off partners, they will give you a clean, fresh bin.  Let us pick up and drop off your bins for you.  

Membership Services

When you become a member of CompostAVL, we will provide you with a compost bin and will even swap it out for you. CompostAVL picks up and drops off compost bins on the 1st and 15th of each month. We have two different levels of membership: our Monthly Composting  Membership (1 bin that is 4 gallons) for $30 a month and a Monthly Composting Membership for Families (2 bins that are 4 gallons each) for $35 a month. In addition, you can choose a local school and we will donate a designated portion of your membership fees toward it. It is simply our way of giving back to the wonderful community of Asheville. 

Doing Your Part with CompostAVL

CompostAVL is a simple and easy way to compost without having to get your hands dirty. If you do not have a garden or a way to use your compost,  consider CompostAVL. If you are looking for a compost drop-off site in Asheville, do not hesitate to reach out to us today. We will link you up with one of our partner locations. We do not let anything go to waste.

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