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CompostAVL: A Compost Pick Up Service Serving the Asheville Community

If you have been searching for a “compost pick up service near me,” CompostAVL has you covered. Composting just got easier when you partner alongside CompostAVL. We happily provide compost pick-up and drop-off services to the valued community of Asheville, North Carolina. In addition, we also help the areas surrounding the city of Asheville, including South Asheville, Fairview, Fletcher, and Woodfin. If you are in any of these areas and have been searching for a compost pick-up service near you, there is no need to continue your search. We are your one-stop compost pick up service.

Beautifying Your Local Area by Composting

You can end your search for a compost pick up service near you when you join with CompostAVL. You can help beautify your local area, all without getting your hands dirty (or smelly)! We do the heavy lifting for you, and we will pick up your compost and give you a fresh bin in its place. 

Partnering alongside CompostAVL yields many benefits at the community level. It improves the quality of soil in the area, it helps create greener and more environmentally friendly neighborhoods, it lessens the need to stuff landfills with garbage, and it even helps to improve air and water quality in the community. 

Composting may occur at many different levels and community efforts are vital. In addition, when communities compost, the benefits are realized on a more local level, instead of that same compost being transported out of the city. At CompostAVL, we are on a mission to further our community, and our premier compost pick up service accomplishes this by putting your compost to great use. 

Compostable Items

We make it simple for you to know what to put in your bin. All you need to do is put these items in there, and CompostAVL will come to pick them up and give you a fresh one. Here is a list of compostable items for your convenience:

  • Any Leftover Fruits and Vegetables

  • Various Kinds of Meats, Bones, or Even Fish Products 

  • Breads, Pastas, and Different Kinds of Cereals

  • Foods that are Cooked

  • Any Eggshells or Dairy Items

  • The Grounds from Your Coffee, Filters, or Tea Bags

  • Any Paper Towel Rolls or Paper Towels 

  • Any Cardboard Pizza Boxes

  • Various Muffin Wrappers

  • Bags of Sugar or of Flour

  • Any Paper Plates

  • Various Kinds of Cookies, Candies, or Even Cake

  • Different Ingredients for Baking, Including Herbs and Spices

  • Soil and Other Household Plants

  • One Hundred Percent Cotton Cheesecloth

  • Leftover Food for Your Pets

  • Any Products or Items that are Marked as BPI Certified Compostable

  • Any Products or Items that are Marked as ASTM D6400 or D6868

Unite with CompostAVL

There is no longer a need to Google “compost pick up service near me.” We will pick up your compost and drop off fresh bins so that you can have a pleasant, odor-free composting experience. We make composting easy when you become a CompostAVL member. We are not just a service; we are a community, and we recognize the importance of uniting together in environmental efforts to beautify our local city and neighborhoods.

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