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Curbside Compost Service in Asheville

CompostAVL:  Your #1 Curbside Compost Service in Asheville

CompostAVL is a curbside compost service that anyone living in or around Asheville, North Carolina can take advantage of. We offer our unique and convenient services to individuals living in Asheville, South Asheville, Fairview, Fletcher, and Woodfin. We believe in making composting as easy as possible so that more individuals and communities will get on board. Composting is a fantastic way to practice social and environmental awareness, enacting change that begins at home. 

How Composting Works and the Benefits it Provides

Simply put, composting prevents you from throwing away things that can be naturally recycled or reprocessed. For example, some food and yard products can be returned to the environment, acting as a natural, nutrient-rich fertilizer to the soil. When crops or plants grow in this environment, they are fresher and healthier because they are not reliant on synthetic fertilizers, pesticides, and other chemical products to receive the nutrients they need and to grow properly. 

Naturally, the more a person or household composts, the less they will put in the trash. In turn, this means less garbage in landfills and incinerators. Almost 30% of what individuals put in trash cans may in fact be composted. Here are a few of the benefits of composting:

  • It aids in the restoration of forests, habitats, and wetlands through enhanced soil quality

  • It supports the recovery of the soil from hazardous wastes and chemical products

  • It allows the soil to hold moisture, which lessens the need for it to be watered as frequently

  • It improves air quality by reducing carbon dioxide in our environment

  • There is less methane gas released into the atmosphere

  • There are more crops, and food security is produced in communities

  • It creates savings in waste disposal efforts

Who Can Compost?

Anyone who has an interest and a willingness can compost. Even if you feel you do not have the know-how, proper tools, or the time, CompostAVL allows anyone to compost simply by providing you with a bin and a list of what to put in it, as well as what not to include. Even if you are still unsure if an item is compostable after consulting this list, you may always reach out to one of our friendly staff and we will kindly let you know if a specific item is compostable or not. 

Curbside Compost Service in Asheville

You can get easy and convenient curbside compost service in Asheville and its surrounding areas when you sign up to become a CompostAVL member now 🙂 We provide our valued clientele with bins, and when they are full, we will pick them up and give you a new one. It is that simple! We make composting fun, easy, and simple so that you can make a difference without having to leave your front door. In addition, you will be able to choose a local school of your choice, and we will send a portion of your membership fee to it as a donation. You can compound change by joining our valuable community today.