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The Importance of Finding a Food Compost Drop-Off Center Near You

There are many things we throw away in our trash daily that are compostable, including food items and paper products.  If you are looking to make a local and global difference now is the time to start composting. If you have been searching for a “food compost drop-off near me” in your search engine, the headquarters of CompostAVL is in Asheville, North Carolina. In fact, we have expanded our pick-up and drop-off services to the nearby areas of Asheville, which includes South Asheville, Fairview, Fletcher, and Woodfin. Not everything we throw away in the trash is actually trash, and when it is composted properly, it can be beneficial for the environment and community at large. 

Benefits of Composting Food Items

One of the primary benefits of composting food items is that resources are renewed, and waste is reduced. For example, instead of leftover food being disposed of, composting puts it to good use, reducing trash in landfills and completing a natural cycle of reprocessing. In addition, when compost is used to improve the quality of local soil, this also helps to enable better local food quality and production, reducing the use of chemical fertilizers and other products. Better soil, and hence food quality, creates healthier individuals who are more conscious about the food, nutrients, and minerals they intake on a daily basis. In other words, it is safe to say that when communities join forces and compost their food items, this helps to foster a greater sense of community in addition to economic, social, and environmental wellbeing.  

Compostable Food Items

While there are many compostable items, there are a lot of specific food items that individuals may throw away, simply not realizing that they are compostable and may be put to good use. Here is a list of food items that you can compost, or naturally recycle back into the environment:

  • Fruits and Vegetables

  • Meats, Bones, and Fish  

  • Cereals, Breads, and Pastas, 

  • Cooked Food Items

  • Eggshells and Other Dairy Products

  • Coffee Grounds, Filters, and Tea Bags

  • Cake, Cookies, and Candy

  • Various Ingredients, Spices, and Herbs

  • Pet Food

  • Food Items Marked as BPI Certified Compostable

  • Food Items Marked as ASTM D6400 or D6868

Awareness is one of the key tenets of composting, helping individuals discern which food items are appropriate to compost and which are not. If you would like a more comprehensive list of what to compost and what is not in fact compostable, CompostAVL has made a list of compostable products for your convenience.

Use one of our partners to drop off compost near you. 

CompostAVL simply makes composting convenient, with helpful pick-up and drop-off services. Let us get your compost, and we will in turn provide you with a clean bin so you can start the process once again. Our goal is to take your compost and help beautify our local community, as well as enhance the quality of our environment. You can do your part when you become a CompostAVL member. It is a simple, convenient, affordable service that lets you compost in a streamlined, hassle-free manner.

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