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Composting with CompostAVL: The Benefits of Using a Local Compost Company

If you have been scouring the web using keywords like “compost service near me,” and you live in Asheville, North Carolina, or even the area surrounding it, such as South Asheville, Fairview, Fletcher, or Woodfin, then CompostAVL is the perfect composting company to partner with today. We are a local compost company serving our community and the city of Asheville and its surrounding areas. Not only is composting a socially responsible way to help protect our environment, but when you partner with a local compost company like CompostAVL, you are also benefiting your surrounding community in a myriad of ways.

Advantages to Partnering Alongside a Local Compost Company

In the natural world around us, nothing goes to waste, not even the leaves that fall from the trees or fruit that begins to decompose. For example, these items are digested by useful micro-organisms and fungi that naturally recycle them, turning them into valuable nutrients and fuel for new growth. It is important to note that when communities begin to compost, they are in fact helping everything return to its natural and proper order, effectively mirroring the natural world around them. 

When local areas and communities join in composting, the amount of trash in landfills and in incinerators decreases, creating a cleaner and healthier environment for all. In addition, there are not as many methane emissions. Since disposing of large amounts of waste costs a community money, composting is one way to cut costs in your local area while improving and beautifying it in the process. More specifically, if every community began to compost, the entire nation would experience a greater level of environmental awareness and revitalization than ever before. 

CompostAVL recognizes that composting is a joint effort and uses it as an opportunity to bring the local community of Asheville, North Carolina together. When you join forces with a local composting company such as CompostAVL, there are certain benefits it brings to individuals and communities:

  • Help restore depleted soil in your area
  • Help reduce the amount of methane emissions taking place in your community
  • Foster a healthy agricultural system that is ultimately sustainable
  • Reduce the costs of the community needed to properly dispose of large amounts of waste
  • Increase air and water quality in the community
  • Offset harmful effects of chemical fertilizers by championing natural and organic methods 
  • Help slow the rapid rate of climate change happening across the globe
  • Help to sequester carbon in local communities

Partnering With CompostAVL

If you have been searching Google using keywords such as “compost service near me,” and you live in Asheville, North Carolina or the surrounding area, consider partnering alongside CompostAVL today. When you join the CompostAVL community, a percentage of your monthly membership fee goes to helping to support local community school districts, providing them with much-needed supplies and resources. You will be benefiting the environment, your local community, and impacting the lives of children and teachers when you become a member today.